The new Royal mode is out on Trackmania and available for free!

Posted on AlinoA 3 years ago

Today, we are happy to announce the release of the beta of the Royal mode on Trackmania. It has been designed for friendly team play, with a pool of 20 randomized fun and challenging maps, including one new map every day. Try to stay on the track and be the last team alive to win the match!

This new mode comes with new physics and innovations available throughout the game: Water, Plastic Blocks, Animated & Dynamic items, giving you even more opportunities to build and enjoy incredible maps!

Do you want to play in a more competitive way? The Ranked Matchmaking mode is also available, with the squad feature allowing you to play with your friends against other teams and climb the rankings.

Both new modes, Royal and Ranked Matchmaking, are now available for free in the Starter Access of Trackmania:

See you on the tracks!